TeamOpenLine MovementsCurrentMoneylineHalftimeScores
8:05 PM EDT
501 DALLAS MAVERICKS190190 / 189.5 / 190190u11+116414:07 2
502 MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES-3 -05-3 EVEN / -2.5 / -2 -2.5 -13743
MEM-G-Mike Conley-Probable | TV: FS-Southwest, SportSouth, ESPN, DTV: 206,676,651
8:05 PM EDT
503 ATLANTA HAWKS205204.5o21 / 205 / 205.5u16204.5+13558Halftime 2
504 MILWAUKEE BUCKS-4.5 -3.5 / -4 / -3.5 -3 -16063
ATL-F-Paul Millsap-Doubtful | ATL-FC-Al Horford-OUT | TV: SportSouth, FS-Wisconsin, DTV: 669
8:05 PM EDT
505 UTAH JAZZ211210.5 / 211 / 210.5211+62051Halftime 2
506 MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES-10 -05-10.5 -05 / -10.5 -08 / -11 -11.5 -90048
MIN-C-Nikola Pekovic-Doubtful | TV: ROOT-Rocky Mountain, FS-North, DTV: 668,684,751,752
8:05 PM EDT
507 HOUSTON ROCKETS210209.5 / 209 / 208.5209+130413:07 2
508 NEW ORLEANS PELICANS-4 -4 / -3.5 / -3 -3 -08-15045
HOU-F-Chandler Parsons-Doubtful | HOU-G-James Harden-Doubtful | NWO-FC-Anthony Davis-OUT | NWO-G-Eric Gordon-OUT | NWO-G-Jrue Holiday-OUT | NWO-F-Ryan Anderson-OUT | TV: CSN-Houston, FS-New Orleans, DTV: 678,754
8:05 PM EDT
509 DETROIT PISTONS211211.5u25 / 211.5 / 213212.5+1100502:09 2
510 OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER-15 -15 / -14 -14.5 -210048
DET-F-Josh Smith-OUT | TV: FS-Detroit, Oklahoma, DTV: 663,679
8:05 PM EDT
511 LOS ANGELES LAKERS217217.5 / 217 / 216.5216+365107.551Halftime 2
512 SAN ANTONIO SPURS-6.5 -9 / -8.5 -09 / -8.5 -9 -465-6 51
LAL-F-Pau Gasol-OUT | LAL-G-Kobe Bryant-OUT | SA-FC-Tim Duncan-OUT | TV: Time Warner, FS-Southwest, DTV: 677,691
8:05 PM EDT
513 WASHINGTON WIZARDS-9 -8 -11 / -8 / -7.5 -8 -375642:05 2
514 BOSTON CELTICS199199 / 199.5 / 199198+30551
BOS-G-Rajon Rondo-OUT | TV: CSN-DC, New England, DTV: 630,642
8:05 PM EDT
515 BROOKLYN NETS200200 / 199.5 / 198.5197.5+335490:02 2
516 CLEVELAND CAVALIERS-5.5 -8 / -8 -11 / -8.5 -9 -06-42551
BRK-G-Deron Williams-Doubtful | BRK-G-Joe Johnson-Doubtful | BRK-F-Paul Pierce-OUT | BRK-C-Brook Lopez-OUT | CLE-F-Luol Deng-OUT | TV: YES, FS-Ohio, DTV: 631,660,762
8:05 PM EDT
517 PHILADELPHIA 76ERS205207 / 207.5 / 208207.5+204512:38 2
518 MIAMI HEAT-4.5 -6 / -5.5 / -6 -6 -08-24345
MIA-F-LeBron James-OUT | MIA-F-Chris Bosh-OUT | TV: CSN-Philadelphia, SunSports, DTV: 653
7:05 PM EDT
519 INDIANA PACERS184185.5 / 186.5 / 187.5187+15096.5894:40 4
520 ORLANDO MAGIC-5.5 -4 -09 / -4 / -4 -07-4 -175-3 -0573
Time-change to 07:05pm EDT | IND-F-David West-Doubtful | IND-F-Paul George-Doubtful | ORL-F-Nikola Vucevic-OUT | TV: FS-Indiana, Florida, DTV: 654,673
7:05 PM EDT
521 CHICAGO BULLS -1 EVEN181.5u11 / 181.5 / 181180.5+10590802:27 4
522 CHARLOTTE BOBCATS182-1.5 / PK / -1 -1.5 -125+0.5 -0577
Time-change to 07:05pm EDT | CHI-G-Derrick Rose-OUT | TV: CSN-Chicago, SportSouth, DTV: 650,665,751
8:05 PM EDT
523 TORONTO RAPTORS-3.5 -11-5.5 / -6 / -6 -09-6 -250572:27 2
524 NEW YORK KNICKS198.5199.5 / 199.5u22 / 199u22198.5+21036
NY-F-Carmelo Anthony-OUT | TV: SportsNet 360, MSG, DTV: 634
10:35 PM EDT
525 PHOENIX SUNS-2.5 EVEN-1 / PK EVEN / -2 -2.5 -145
526 SACRAMENTO KINGS206207 / 206.5 / 207207.5+125
PHO-G-Goran Dragic-OUT | SAC-F-Rudy Gay-? | SAC-C-DeMarcus Cousins-OUT | TV: FS-Arizona, CSN-California, DTV: 686,698,767,768
10:35 PM EDT
527 GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS210209.5o16 / 210 / 209.5208.5+325MONEY
528 DENVER NUGGETS-8 -8 / -8.5 / -9 -08-8.5 -405
GS-G-Klay Thompson-Doubtful | GS-F-David Lee-Doubtful | GS-G-Stephen Curry-Doubtful | DEN-G-Ty Lawson-OUT | DEN-F-Danilo Gallinari-OUT | TV: CSN-Bay+, Altitude, ESPN, DTV: 206,681
10:35 PM EDT
529 LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS208207.5 / 207 / 207u16206.5+145
530 PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS-3.5 -3 / -3.5 / -3 -3.5 -170
LAC-G-Chris Paul-OUT | LAC-F-Blake Griffin-OUT | POR-F-LaMarcus Aldridge-OUT | TV: FS-Prime Ticket, KGW, DTV: 693
Top Sportsbooks
TeamPitcherOpenLine MovementsCurrentRunlineScores
12:35 PM EDT
901 PITTSBURGH PIRATES(l) liriano, f7u207u20 / 7u30 / 6.5o237u30+1.5(-230)0Under 7
902 CINCINNATI REDS(r) cueto, j-130-120 / -122 / -121-113-1.5(+190)4final
TV: ROOT-Pittsburgh, FS-Ohio, DTV: 659,661,723,724 | MOSTLY SUNNY, WIND IN FROM CENTER 6-11. GAME TEMP 48, RH 34%
1:10 PM EDT
903 ST LOUIS CARDINALS(r) kelly, j8.5u158o20 / 8.5u17 / 8.5u148.5+1.5(-220)1Under 8.5
904 MILWAUKEE BREWERS(r) peralta, w-120-106 / -112 / -107-106-1.5(+190)5final
3:40 PM EDT
905 NEW YORK METS(r) gee, d9.5u159u17 / 9u15 / 9u209u15+1.5(-165)5Under 9
906 ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(r) mccarthy, b-130-155 / -148 / -147-148-1.5(+145)2final
NYM-RF-Curtis Granderson-Doubtful | TV: SNY, FS-Arizona, DTV: 639,686,726 | SUNNY, WIND LEFT TO RIGHT 6-11. GAME TEMP 89, RH 12% WIND CHILL 0
7:05 PM EDT
907 ATLANTA BRAVES(r) teheran, j-1207u30 / 6.5o20 / 6.5u156.5u11+1.5(-200)1TOP 8
908 PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(l) lee, c8u20-131 / -129 / -128-132-1.5(+170)0
Overnight Pitching Change: Philadelphia - C. Lee (L) for A. J. Burnett | TV: FS-South, TCN-Philadelphia, DTV: 646,729 | MOSTLY FAIR, WIND IN FROM RIGHT CENTER 8-13. GAME TEMP 45,RH 32% WIND CHILL 39
7:10 PM EDT
909 WASHINGTON NATIONALS(r) roark, t6.5o206.5o20 / 6.5o25 / 6.5o206.5o25+1.5(-155)3BOT 7
910 MIAMI MARLINS(r) fernandez, j-145-156 / -170 / -171-172-1.5(+135)3
TV: MASN, FS-Florida, DTV: 640,654,732 | MOSTLY CLOUDY, WIND IN FROM LEFT 7-12. GAME TEMP 78, RH 73%
10:10 PM EDT
911 COLORADO ROCKIES(l) de la rosa, j6.5o156.5u14 / 6.5u15 / 6.56.5u15+1.5(-200)
912 SAN DIEGO PADRES(r) cashner, a-140-141 / -142 / -143-130-1.5(+170)
10:15 PM EDT
913 LOS ANGELES DODGERS(l) maholm, p88.5 / 8.5u11 / 8.58.5u12+1.5(-210)
914 SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(r) vogelsong, r-120-110 / -109 / -106-107-1.5(+180)
LAD-LF-Yasel Puig-Doubtful | LAD-P-Clayton Kershaw-OUT | TV: SportsNet LA, NBC Bay, DTV: 745 | PARTLY CLOUDY, WIND OUT TO RIGHT CENTER 12-22. GAME TEMP 65, RH 54%
12:35 PM EDT
915 TAMPA BAY RAYS(r) odorizzi, j-125-111 / -104 / -105-101+1.5(-205)0Under 8
916 BALTIMORE ORIOLES(r) gonzalez, m7.5o208.5u20 / 8.5u17 / 8.5u168o20-1.5(+175)3final
Overnight Pitching Change: Baltimore - Mi Gonzalez for C. Tillman | TV: SunSports, MASN, DTV: 640,653,721,722 | MOSTLY SUNNY, WIND IN FROM CENTER 7-12. GAME TEMP 46, RH 32%
7:05 PM EDT
917 CLEVELAND INDIANS(r) mcallister, z8u208u15 / 7.5o20 / 7.5o187.5u20+1.5(-175)3TOP 6
918 DETROIT TIGERS(r) sanchez, a-155-140 / -141 / -140-141-1.5(+155)1
TV: SportsTime Ohio, FS-Detroit, DTV: 662,664,730,731 | PARTLY CLOUDY, WIND IN FROM LEFT CENTER 7-12. GAME TEMP 38,RH 42% WIND CHILL 31
8:05 PM EDT
919 SEATTLE MARINERS(r) hernandez, f7o156.5o25 / 6.5o37 / 6.5o156.5o25+1.5(-210)2TOP 4
920 TEXAS RANGERS(r) darvish, y-140-119 / -118 / -117-123-1.5(+180)0
TEX-3B-Adrian Beltre-OUT | TV: ROOT-Northwest, FS-Southwest, DTV: 676,687,735 | PARTLY CLOUDY, WIND IN FROM RIGHT CENTER 11-16, GUSTY. GAME TEMP 66,RH 34%
8:10 PM EDT
921 KANSAS CITY ROYALS(r) guthrie, j-140-122 / -119 / -113-116-1.5(+145)1BOT 3
922 HOUSTON ASTROS(l) keuchel, d9u208.5u33 / 8 / 8o158u16+1.5(-165)2
TV: FS-Kansas City, CSN-Houston, DTV: 672,736 | PARTLY CLOUDY, WIND OUT TO LEFT CENTER 8-13. GAME TEMP 64, RH 51%
8:10 PM EDT
923 TORONTO BLUE JAYS(r) dickey, r-145-138 / -140 / -142-139-1.5(+120)
924 MINNESOTA TWINS(r) pelfrey, m8o158u14 / 8 / 8u208u15+1.5(-140)
Game postponed | TV: SNET, FS-North, DTV: 668 | CLOUDY, 90% CHANCE SNOW. WIND LEFT TO RIGHT 10-20. GAME TEMP 32,RH 89% WIND CHILL 21
8:10 PM EDT
925 BOSTON RED SOX(r) buchholz, c-150-126 / -127 / -131-126-1.5(+135)1BOT 2
926 CHICAGO WHITE SOX(l) danks, j8.5u208o17 / 8o15 / 8u207.5u20+1.5(-155)1
10:05 PM EDT
927 OAKLAND ATHLETICS(l) milone, t8.5u208.5o15 / 8.5 / 8.5o118.5u20+1.5(-205)MONEY
928 LOS ANGELES ANGELS(l) skaggs, t-130-106 / -109 / -114-115-1.5(+175)
LAA-LF-Josh Hamilton-OUT | TV: CSN-California, FS-West, DTV: 692,698,741 | CLEAR, WIND OUT TO CENTER 6-11. GAME TEMP 67, RH 56%
7:05 PM EDT
929 CHICAGO CUBS(l) wood, t8o157o11 / 7 / 7o217o19+1.5(-170)0BOT 6
930 NEW YORK YANKEES(r) pineda, m-172-150 / -155 / -161-150-1.5(+150)2
DH Gm 2 | NYY-1B-Mark Teixeira-OUT | TV: WGN (America), YES, DTV: 307,728 | CLEAR, WIND IN FROM LEFT 9-14. GAME TEMP 44, RH 41% WIND CHILL 38
1:05 PM EDT
931 CHICAGO CUBS(r) hammel, j8o137.5u20 / 7 / 7o207o25+1.5(-130)0Under 7
932 NEW YORK YANKEES(r) tanaka, m-194-200 / -205 / -210-190-1.5(+110)3final
Top Experts
TeamOpenLine MovementsCurrentPuck LineScores
10:00 PM EDT
7:05 PM EDT
51 MONTREAL CANADIENS555u15+1.5(-305)2End Period 2
52 TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING-130-115 / -110 / -112-110-1.5(+250)2
MON-G-Carey Price-Probable | TAM-G-Anders Lindback-Probable | TV: CNBC, DTV: 355
7:35 PM EDT
53 COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS5.5u355.5u36 / 5.5u35 / 5.5u405o40+1.5(-180)36:50 2
54 PITTSBURGH PENGUINS-225-203 / -200 / -202-205-1.5(+155)3
CLB-G-Sergei Bobrovsky-Probable | PIT-G-Marc-Andre Fleury-Probable | PIT-C-Evgeni Malkin-Probable | TV: NBCS, DTV: 220
10:05 PM EDT
55 DALLAS STARS5.5u305.5u30 / 5.5u315.5u30+1.5(-215)
56 ANAHEIM DUCKS-180-185 / -180 / -170-160-1.5(+182)
DAL-G-Kari Lehtonen-Probable | ANA-G-Frederik Anderson-Probable | TV: NBCS, DTV: 220

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Download Printable Schedules
Now you can download and print schedules for each sport so you can plan ahead and track your results.
BASEBALL 3/31/2014 - 6/2/2014
BASKETBALL 2/25/2014 - 4/16/2014
HOCKEY 2/25/2014 - 4/13/2014
RK Team
Cincinnati Reds
Pittsburgh Penguins
Arizona Diamondbacks
St Louis Cardinals
Miami Marlins
MLBChicago Cubs vs New York Yankees10:05 AM PST
MLBSt. Louis Cardinals vs Milwaukee Brewers10:10 AM PST
Intl Clubs - Copa LibertadoresSantos Laguna at Atletico Lanus3:45 PM PST
Colombia - Liga Postobon IIUA Del Caribe at Independiente Santa Fe4:00 PM PST
MLBAtlanta Braves vs Philadelphia Phillies4:05 PM PST
MLBCleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigers4:05 PM PST
MLBChicago Cubs vs New York Yankees4:05 PM PST
NBAIndiana Pacers vs Orlando Magic4:05 PM PST
NBAChicago Bulls vs Charlotte Bobcats4:05 PM PST
NHLMontreal Canadiens vs Tampa Bay Lightning4:05 PM PST
MLBWashington Nationals vs Miami Marlins4:10 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraCA San Lorenzo at Boca Juniors4:10 PM PST
USA - MLSPhiladelphia Union at NY Red Bulls4:30 PM PST
Venezuela - Primera DivisionZamora FC at DVO Anzoategui4:30 PM PST
NHLColumbus Blue Jackets vs Pittsburgh Penguins4:35 PM PST
UFCS Westcott vs E Theodorou4:55 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionUruguay de Coronado at Universidad de Costa Rica5:00 PM PST
MLBSeattle Mariners vs Texas Rangers5:05 PM PST
NBAToronto Raptors vs New York Knicks5:05 PM PST
NBAPhiladelphia 76ers vs Miami Heat5:05 PM PST
NBABrooklyn Nets vs Cleveland Cavaliers5:05 PM PST
NBAWashington Wizards vs Boston Celtics5:05 PM PST
NBAAtlanta Hawks vs Milwaukee Bucks5:05 PM PST
NBAUtah Jazz vs Minnesota Timberwolves5:05 PM PST
NBAHouston Rockets vs New Orleans Pelicans5:05 PM PST
NBADetroit Pistons vs Oklahoma City Thunder5:05 PM PST
NBALos Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs5:05 PM PST
NBADallas Mavericks vs Memphis Grizzlies5:05 PM PST
MLBBoston Red Sox vs Chicago White Sox5:10 PM PST
MLBKansas City Royals vs Houston Astros5:10 PM PST
MLBToronto Blue Jays vs Minnesota Twins5:10 PM PST
UFCK Noke vs P Cote5:25 PM PST
UFCT Kennedy vs M Bisping6:00 PM PST
Brazil - Copa do BrasilMixto MT at Santos FC SP6:00 PM PST
Intl Clubs - Copa LibertadoresCerro Porteno at Cruzeiro MG6:00 PM PST
Intl Clubs - Copa LibertadoresBolivar La Paz at Leon6:00 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionSantos de Guapiles at CS Cartagines7:00 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionCS Herediano at Deportivo Saprissa7:00 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionFC Puntarenas at Perez Zeledon7:00 PM PST
MLBOakland Athletics vs Los Angeles Angels7:05 PM PST
NHLDallas Stars vs Anaheim Ducks7:05 PM PST
MLBColorado Rockies vs San Diego Padres7:10 PM PST
MLBLos Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants7:15 PM PST
NBAGolden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets7:35 PM PST
NBALos Angeles Clippers vs Portland Trailblazers7:35 PM PST
NBAPhoenix Suns vs Sacramento Kings7:35 PM PST
Denmark Sas LigaenRanders FC at Esbjerg FB08:00 AM PST
Russia - Russian CupFC Luch-Energiya Vladivostok at FC Rostov08:30 AM PST
Italy - Serie BAS Varese at FC Crotone09:00 AM PST
Serbia - SuperligaFK Jagodina at Partizan Belgrade09:00 AM PST
Denmark Sas LigaenFC Copenhagen at FC Vestsjaelland10:00 AM PST
Sweden - AllsvenskanAatvidaberg FF at IFK Gothenburg10:00 AM PST
Sweden - AllsvenskanIF Brommapojkarna at Gefle IF10:00 AM PST
Sweden - AllsvenskanKalmar FF at Falkenbergs FF10:00 AM PST
MLBAtlanta Braves vs Philadelphia Phillies10:05 AM PST
MLBCleveland Indians vs Detroit Tigers10:05 AM PST
Sweden - AllsvenskanHelsingborgs IF at IF Elfsborg10:05 AM PST
MLBToronto Blue Jays vs Minnesota Twins10:10 AM PST
Turkey - Türkiye KupasiEskisehirspor at Antalyaspor10:30 AM PST
Argentina - PrimeraArsenal de Sarandi at CA All Boys11:00 AM PST
MLBSeattle Mariners vs Texas Rangers11:05 AM PST
Belgium - Pro LeagueSporting Lokeren at Standard Liege11:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaHannover 96 at Eintracht Frankfurt11:30 AM PST
Italy - Serie BFC Empoli at Virtus Lanciano11:30 AM PST
Italy - Serie BReggina Calcio at US Palermo11:30 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaFC Arouca at Vitoria Guimaraes12:00 PM PST
MLBLos Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants12:45 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionLimon FC at AD Carmelita1:00 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraGodoy Cruz A.t. at CA Belgrano1:10 PM PST
Argentina - Primera BAtletico Tucuman at CA Huracan3:00 PM PST
MLBColorado Rockies vs San Diego Padres3:40 PM PST
MLBMilwaukee Brewers vs Pittsburgh Pirates4:05 PM PST
MLBSt. Louis Cardinals vs Washington Nationals4:05 PM PST
NHLPhiladelphia Flyers vs New York Rangers4:05 PM PST
MLBNew York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays4:10 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraGimnasia y Esgrima at Racing Club4:10 PM PST
NHLChicago Blackhawks vs St. Louis Blues5:05 PM PST
MLBBoston Red Sox vs Chicago White Sox5:10 PM PST
MLBKansas City Royals vs Houston Astros5:10 PM PST
Intl Clubs - Copa LibertadoresDefensor Sporting at The Strongest5:15 PM PST
NHLMinnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche6:35 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionCD Belen Siglo Xxi at Liga Deportiva Alajuelense7:00 PM PST
NHLLos Angeles Kings vs San Jose Sharks7:35 PM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueFC Ural Yekaterinburg at FC Amkar Perm06:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsLeyton Orient at Crawley Town07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsRotherham Utd at Wolverhampton Wanderers07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsTranmere Rovers at Gillingham FC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsSwindon Town at Coventry City07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsMilton Keynes Dons at Port Vale FC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsOldham Athletic at Colchester Utdfc07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsPreston North End at Brentford FC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsBrighton & Hove Albion FC at Huddersfield Town07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsYeovil Town at Blackburn Rovers07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsSheffield Wednesday at Bournemouth AFC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsBolton Wanderers at Charlton Athletic07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsSalisbury City at Aldershot Town07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsGrimsby Town at Alfreton Town FC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsDartford FC at Braintree Town07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsSouthport FC at Gateshead FC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsKidderminster Harriers at Hyde Utd07:00 AM PST
Wales -Premier LeagueNewtown AFC at Rhyl FC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsBurnley FC at Blackpool FC09:15 AM PST
France - Ligue 2SCO Angers at Clermont Foot11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2Stade Brest at Chamois Niort FC11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2CA Bastia at FC Metz11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2Dijon Fco at AS Nancy11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2Stade Lavallois MFC at AC Arles Avignon11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2Tours FC at AC Havre11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2US Creteil at Troyes AC11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2Istres FC at Olympique Nimes11:00 AM PST
Argentina - MinorClub Atletico Los Andes at CA Temperley11:05 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaBohemians 1905 at FC Vysocina Jihlava11:15 AM PST
England - DivisionsDerby County at Doncaster Rovers11:30 AM PST
France - Ligue 1Stade Rennes at AS Saint Etienne11:30 AM PST
Spain - La LigaElche CF at Atletico Madrid11:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsStevenage FC at Sheffield United11:45 AM PST
England - DivisionsPeterborough Utd at Bradford City11:45 AM PST
England - DivisionsHereford Utd at Tamworth FC11:45 AM PST
Scotland - PremierAberdeen FC at Inverness Caledonian Thistle11:45 AM PST
Brazil - Serie BParana Clube PR at Sampaio Correa MA3:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BPortuguesa SP at Joinville SC3:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BLuverdense MT at Vila Nova GO3:30 PM PST
NHLMontreal Canadiens vs Tampa Bay Lightning4:05 PM PST
NHLDetroit Red Wings vs Boston Bruins4:35 PM PST
Argentina - MinorNueva Chicago at Club Almagro5:05 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraCruz Azul at Monarcas Morelia5:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BIcasa CE at Ponte Preta SP5:50 PM PST
NHLDallas Stars vs Anaheim Ducks7:05 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraJaguares de Chiapas at Santos Laguna7:30 PM PST
England - DivisionsWrexham FC at Chester City04:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsQueens Park Rangers at Leicester City04:15 AM PST
England - DivisionsLuton Town at Welling Utd04:30 AM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueRFK Terek Grozny at FC Lokomotiv Moscow04:30 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueFulham FC at Tottenham Hotspur04:45 AM PST
Scotland - PremierCeltic FC at Motherwell FC04:45 AM PST
France - Ligue 2AJ Auxerre at SM Caen05:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie ACagliari Calcio at Genoa FC06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie AHellas Verona at Atalanta Bergamasca06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie AInter Milan at Parma FC06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie AAS Livorno at AC Milan06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie ASSC Napoli at Udinese Calcio06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie ASampdoria Genoa at Catania Calcio06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie AUS Sassuolo at AC Chievo Verona06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie ATurin FC at Lazio Roma06:00 AM PST
Germany - Bundesliga1 Fsv Mainz 05 at Borussia Dortmund06:30 AM PST
Germany - Bundesliga1899 Hoffenheim at Werder Bremen06:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaMonchengladbach at SC Freiburg06:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaHertha BSC at FC Augsburg06:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaBayern Munich at Eintracht Braunschweig06:30 AM PST
Wales -Premier LeagueCarmarthen Town AFC at Airbus UK Broughton06:30 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaFC Banik Ostrava at 1 SC Znojmo07:00 AM PST
Czech - 1. Liga1 FC Slovacko at FC Slovan Liberec07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsIpswich Town at Watford FC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsBirmingham City at Nottingham Forest07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsMillwall FC at Middlesbrough FC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsLeeds Utd at Barnsley FC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsReading FC at Wigan Athletic07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsMacclesfield Town at Halifax Town07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsWoking FC at Forest Green Rovers07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsBarnet FC at Nuneaton Town FC07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueSouthampton FC at Aston Villa07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueStoke City at Cardiff City07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueSwansea City at Newcastle Utd07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueCrystal Palace at West Ham Utd07:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueHapoel Tel Aviv at Ironi Kiryat Shmona07:00 AM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueZenit St Petersburg at FC Anzhi Makhachkala07:00 AM PST
Scotland - PremierDundee United at FC St Johnstone07:00 AM PST
Scotland - PremierRoss County FC at Heart of Midlothian07:00 AM PST
Scotland - PremierPartick Thistle at Kilmarnock FC07:00 AM PST
Scotland - PremierHibernian FC at FC St Mirren07:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaValencia CF at CA Osasuna07:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueHapoel Akko at Ashdod SC08:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueHapoel Raanana at Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv08:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueMaccabi Petach Tikva at Ironi Ramat Hasharon08:00 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaAcademica Coimbra at CS Maritimo08:00 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaCD Nacional at FC Pacos Ferreira08:00 AM PST
Chile - PrimeraDeportes Iquique at Palestino08:30 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaGD Estoril Praia at Gil Vicente FC09:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaGetafe CF at Levante UD09:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionPonferradina SD at CD Lugo09:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionCordoba CF at Hercules CF09:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionSD Eibar at Real Madrid Castilla09:15 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueSunderland AFC at Chelsea FC09:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaVfL Wolfsburg at Hamburger SV09:30 AM PST
Italy - Serie ABologna FC at Juventus Turin09:30 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueHapoel Beer Sheva at Maccabi Haifa09:30 AM PST
Argentina - MinorCA Platense at Deportivo Merlo09:35 AM PST
Ecuador - Serie ALiga Dep Universitaria Quito at CD Universidad Catolica10:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionGirona FC at Barcelona B FC10:00 AM PST
Chile - PrimeraUniversidad de Chile at Universidad de Concepcion11:00 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaFK Baumit Jablonec at FK Mlada Boleslav11:15 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaSporting Lisbon at CF Os Belenenses11:15 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionCerro Largo FC at Club Nacional de Football11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionRacing Club Mdeo. at Danubio FC11:30 AM PST
Argentina - Primera BDouglas Haig at Independiente Rivadavia12:00 PM PST
Argentina - Primera BCA Aldosivi at CA Banfield12:00 PM PST
Argentina - Primera BBoca Unidos at Villa San Carlos12:00 PM PST
Argentina - Primera BDefensa y Justicia at Almirante Brown12:00 PM PST
Italy - Serie AAS Roma at AC Fiorentina12:00 PM PST
NHLChicago Blackhawks vs St. Louis Blues12:05 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BABC RN at Santa Cruz PE12:20 PM PST
Colombia - Torneo PostobonJaguares d. Cordoba at FC Aguablanca12:30 PM PST
Peru - Copa IncaUniversitario de Deportes at FBC Melgar1:00 PM PST
Peru - Copa IncaUniversidad Cesar Vallejo at Los Caimanes1:00 PM PST
USA - MLSHouston Dynamo at Philadelphia Union1:00 PM PST
USA - MLSNew England Revolution at Chicago Fire1:00 PM PST
Argentina - MinorUAI Urquiza at Club Atletico Atlanta1:05 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraEstudiantes de La Plata at CA Rosario Central1:10 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraClub Olimpo at Quilmes AC1:10 PM PST
Chile - PrimeraO`higgins FC at Union Espanola1:30 PM PST
Peru - Copa IncaUTC de Cajamarca at Universidad San Martin1:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AVitoria BA at Internacional RS2:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AFigueirense FC at Fluminense RJ2:30 PM PST
UFCH Perpetuo vs J Mein2:45 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraGallos Blancos at America de Mexico3:00 PM PST
USA - MLSSan Jose Earthquakes at Colorado Rapids3:00 PM PST
UFCC Magalhaes vs L Zachrich3:10 PM PST
UFCA White vs E Payan3:35 PM PST
UFCP Healy vs J Masvidal4:00 PM PST
Chile - PrimeraHuachipato at Deportes Union La Calera4:00 PM PST
USA - MLSLa Galaxy at Vancouver Whitecaps FC4:00 PM PST
NHLColumbus Blue Jackets vs Pittsburgh Penguins4:05 PM PST
UFCS Baczynski vs T Alves4:20 PM PST
UFCR Dos Anjos vs K Nurmagomedov4:35 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ACoritiba PR at Chapecoense SC5:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BAvai SC at America RN5:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BOeste SP at Ceara CE5:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraTiburones Rojos at CF Monterrey5:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraFC Puebla at CF Pachuca5:00 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraNewell's Old Boys at CA San Lorenzo5:30 PM PST
UFCE Barboza vs D Cerrone5:35 PM PST
UFCL Carmouche vs M Tate6:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraUanl Tigres at Leon6:06 PM PST
UFCF Werdum vs T Browne6:30 PM PST
BOXINGB Shumenov vs B Hopkins6:30 PM PST
USA - MLSPortland Timbers at Real Salt Lake6:30 PM PST
NHLMinnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche6:35 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionCS Herediano at Limon FC7:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraClub Tijuana at CF Atlante7:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraDeportivo Toluca at Atlas7:00 PM PST
USA - MLSSeattle Sounders at Chivas Usa7:30 PM PST
Spain - La LigaCelta de Vigo at UD Almeria03:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionDeportivo La Coruna at RCD Mallorca03:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueLiverpool FC at Norwich City04:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1OGC Nice at AS Monaco05:00 AM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueFC Krasnodar at FC Dinamo Moscow05:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueArsenal FC at Hull City06:05 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaBayer Leverkusen at 1 FC Nuremberg06:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionMdeo. Wanderers FC at CA Rentistas06:30 AM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueCSKA Moscow at FC Kuban Krasnodar07:30 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaFC Zbrojovka Brno at FK Teplice08:00 AM PST
Czech - 1. Liga1 FK Pribram at SK Sigma Olomouc08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1AC Ajaccio at SC Bastia08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1EA Guingamp at FC Girondins Bordeaux08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1Montpellier Hsc at FC Lorient08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1FC Nantes at Valenciennes FC08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1FC Sochaux at Stade Reims08:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaBetis Sevilla at Rayo Vallecano08:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionCD Alaves at Recreativo Huelva08:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionReal Murcia CF at Sporting Gijon08:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueManchester Utd at Everton FC08:10 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaFC Schalke 04 at VfB Stuttgart08:30 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionReal Jaen at Real Zaragoza09:15 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaSparta Prague at Dukla Prague10:00 AM PST
Mexico - PrimeraGuadalajara Chivas at Unam Pumas10:00 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaSC Olhanense at Benfica Lisbon10:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaGranada CF at Sevilla FC10:00 AM PST
Chile - PrimeraUniversidad Catolica at Colo Colo11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionCA Cerro at Miramar Missiones11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionDefensor Sporting at El Tanque Sisley11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionLiverpool M. at Juventud de LP11:30 AM PST
Argentina - PrimeraCA Belgrano at Colon de Santa Fe12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ABotafogo RJ at Sao Paulo SP12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AGremio RS at Atletico Paranaense12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ACorinthians SP at Atletico Mineiro MG12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ACruzeiro MG at EC Bahia BA12:00 PM PST
France - Ligue 1Lille Osc at Olympique Marseille12:00 PM PST
Spain - La LigaAthletic Bilbao at FC Barcelona12:00 PM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionCE Sabadell at Alcorcon AD12:00 PM PST
Bolivia - Liga Profesional BolivianaUniversitario de Sucre at CA Nacional Potosi12:30 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionFC Puntarenas at Uruguay de Coronado12:30 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraRacing Club at Argentinos Jrs1:00 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraAtletico Lanus at Arsenal de Sarandi1:00 PM PST
Colombia - Liga Postobon IIDeportivo La Equidad at Deportivo Cali1:15 PM PST
Colombia - Liga Postobon IIBoyaca Chico FC at Independiente Medellin1:15 PM PST
Paraguay - Primera DivisionGeneral Diaz at Club Libertad Asuncion1:45 PM PST
Bolivia - Liga Profesional BolivianaSan Jose Oruro at Clube Desportivo Aurora2:00 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraVelez Sarsfield at River Plate2:15 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AGoias GO at Flamengo RJ2:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ASport Recife PE at Santos FC SP2:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie APalmeiras SP at Criciuma SC2:30 PM PST
Chile - PrimeraNublense at Everton de Vina Del Mar2:30 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionSantos de Guapiles at AD Carmelita3:00 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionLiga Deportiva Alajuelense at Universidad de Costa Rica3:00 PM PST
Colombia - Liga Postobon IIDeportes Tolima at Millonarios FC3:30 PM PST
Peru - Copa IncaCD San Simon at Alianza Lima3:45 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionCD Belen Siglo Xxi at Deportivo Saprissa4:00 PM PST
Paraguay - Primera DivisionClub Guarani at Sol de America4:00 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraBoca Juniors at CA Tigre5:30 PM PST
Colombia - Liga Postobon IIDeportivo Pasto at Fortaleza FC5:45 PM PST
BOXINGJ Diaz vs K Thurman7:15 PM PST
BOXINGM Maidana vs F Mayweather Jr8:00 PM PST
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